Advantages How It Works Right One For You

Organize, label, locate, and rework your excess inventory and save thousands of dollars

Dispense Solutions provide a fast, accurate, and reliable dispense every time.
Gravimetric Dispensing Systems
Dispense Inks, Paints, Dyes for leather and textiles, Colorants, Color Dispersions, Chemicals -- whatever you need to dispense by weight.
New Modular Design
Modular systems take up less space and offer more configuration flexibility.  Modular configuration means upgrading from manual to automated dispensing or upgrading to a larger system is easy.  Modular design also saves dollars when refurbishing existing systems.
Limited space or special workflow requirements?
Let our team of engineers customize a system for you.
Need customized forms or software?
Our software engineers are waiting for your request.

We also distribute All-Flo air-driven, double diaphragm pumps.  You can now purchase All-Flo pumps directly from Dispense Solutions: 1/4" to 3" metal and plastic pumps with application matched elastomers. Contact Dispense Solutions for pricing.

What Dispense Solutions Customers are saying

Mark Maharaj
Label House

The software is excellent. It is very easy to learn and use, as well as very stable. It is a great tool to manage ink inventory. The hardware is durable and easy to understand and maintain. It is an awesome piece of equipment.

Give us your tired, your weary and your cranky dispensers! We can refurbish, update and renew!